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Our mission is to collaborate effectively on design; build strong, trusting relationships; maintain the highest level of artistry & craftsmanship; and grow and evolve with our clients' needs and expectations. With mindful gratitude, we strive to celebrate our past success and envision a future seen with promise, made possible by the synergy and vision that we share with clients.


Custom Artisan Works approaches each project without preconceived solutions. Whether working from the client's ideas or creating new designs, we carefully analyze the requirements of the project and the architectural setting. A solution is developed that will produce the highest quality work for the space, within the project's budget. Managing our work with this approach ensures that all projects are completed to meet the client's expectations. Custom Artisan Works is committed to providing only the highest quality architectural art.


Custom Artisan Works was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Custom Artisan Group, Inc., focusing on fabrication to meet the increasing demand for custom high-end ironwork and architectural elements in Atlanta and the Southeast. Kevin Grisso founded the parent company, Custom Artisan Group, Inc., in 1999. Custom Artisan Marketplace, currently under development, is the forthcoming e-commerce subsidiary of the company. We will also be increasing our social media presence on the various platforms in the very near future.


Custom Artisan Works creates a spectrum of deliverables, fabricated in a variety of mediums, including metal, wood, stone, and glass. Works include Railings, Gates, Windows & Doors, Lighting, Custom Home and Office Furnishings, Donor Recognition, and Landscape Elements.


Kevin Grisso
Founder, Artist, Business Development
Chris Leong
Project Management and Administration
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