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Kevin Grisso
Founder, Artist, Business Development

Kevin earned a Bachelor's in Marketing from Ball State University, and soon relocated to Atlanta, where he has called home for the last three decades. He started Project Managing in Architecture and Sculpture in 1991, as well as serving as Business Manager for Cherrylion Studios from 1992-1994. He studied under renowned French Artist and Craftsman Jacques Brunet from 1997 until Brunet's death in 2001. Kevin founded Custom Artisan Group, Inc., in 1999 to meet the increasing demand for custom high-end ironwork and architectural elements in the Atlanta and the Southeast, and expanded in 2016 by creating Custom Artisan Works, a subsidiary of Custom Artisan Group, focusing on fabrication. An innovation Kevin is developing is Custom Artisan Marketplace, an e-commerce subsidiary. Kevin received the ICAA Shutze Award for Artistry and Craftsmanship in 2015. Kevin enjoys collaborating with artists, designers, in addition to creating custom designs of his own for his clients. His projects can be found throughout Atlanta, the Southeast, and nationwide. Clients encompass a who's who of business moguls, sports megastars, and accomplished architects, set in commercial, government, philanthropic, and private residential environments.

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